How to switch to the new Gmail

By now you have probably heard that Google is making updates to it’s 14 year  old email application, Gmail. Your Gmail account is tied to many of Google’s services, such as Android phones, YouTube (although you still technically need to create a YouTube account), Maps etc. Once logged into Gmail, you are also logged into […]

Dot Com Tools Speed Test

Free Online Website Performance Tools

Free Website Performance Tools We recently came across a new tool-set for website performance monitoring from U.S. based company DotCom-Monitor. A very comprehensive set of tools essential for monitoring services such as: Website speed test Email blacklist lookup Network trace DNS trace Network latency Many more Instantly test your website speed in real browsers from […]

Seven Free Google Tools for Webmasters

Managing any website or websites can be a constant effort on any given day. Have a list of tools in your arsenal can not only help you accomplish your work faster, be more efficient, but also result in a better end product for your customers. I use most of these tools myself but have also […]

View visitor click map with this Google Chrome extension

Tracking Page Clicks Have you wondered what links your customers and visitors are clicking on your website? You may already track (or have someone track) your analytics to see who is visiting your website, from where, using what keywords, how long they stay and how many pages they visit. If not, you should be. This […]

Windows 10 Chrome Settings

How to speed up Chrome

Speeding up Chrome Browser Google’s Chrome is an amazing browser. Typically it is fast and responsive but there is one particular tweak that can improve your browsing experience significantly. Chrome Settings One of the first settings I make in Chrome, which isn’t a Chrome setting, per se, but a Windows proxy setting.

Google Analytics Admin tab

How to remove a web site from google analytics

Manage Google Analytics Properties When you need to remove a view or a property or web site from your Google analytics account, follow these steps below: Note: As Google constantly improves analytics there are minor changes to where they put certain buttons, including the Move to Trash button To remove a property from your account:


Chrome surpasses Internet Explorer | Web Browsers

Chrome Web Browser takes the lead in the US Browser Market Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has lost its long-time U.S. market lead to Google Chrome, according to stats published today by Adobe Digital Index (ADI). ADI, a marketing research arm of Adobe Systems, found that the Chrome browser eclipsed IE in April, with 31.8 percent […]


EBAY password change

How to Change your EBAY Password Sometime in early May, EBAY discovered  a cyberattack on their corporate information network. They are advising everyone to change your password. Here’s how.   Changing your EBAY password Log into your Account You will see this message along the top of your page:

how to remove bing

How to remove BING

How to Remove Bing from Internet Explorer Under the Address Bar, click the down arrow beside the search icon The default search engine has a blue box surrounding it Simply click on Google to make it the default

Family Technician

Upgrade your family tech without becoming their help desk

Here is a great article from Fast Company written by Kevin Purdy: Upgrade Your Family And Coworkers’ Tech Without Becoming Their Help Desk | Fast Company At work, deep in a project, you try to make the moves that will create the fewest questions and hassles down the line. So why do so many […]

How to Clear Browser Cache

Clearing your browser cache is simple and helps you perform better and keep you safer while online. Some tips from the sources: Google Chrome Deleting cache and other browser data You have full control over your browsing data. This data includes your browsing and download history, cache, cookies, passwords, and saved form data. Use the […]

Not sure why I picked a squirrel?

Better Web Browsing

Better Web Browsing A few tips when browsing the web. Useful for most browsers: GO BACK – Backspace – previous page (unless your cursor is in a text field) – instead of clicking on the back arrow FIND – Control + F is find – Enter to find next item in your search – Escape […]

Transfer Google Places

I’ve read a few things about transferring Google accounts where people said that it cannot be done. Wrong. I recently had to transfer ownership of a Google place and this is how it’s done:

Quick Snapshot of a webpage

Whether you are trying to find a website that you have visited in the past, or want a quick look for reference, you can save some time online by clicking on the small magnifying glass beside the website link. See link to video   Click on the magnifying glass Displays the web page as an […]