7 ecommerce promotion ideas

7 eCommerce Promotion Ideas To Increase Sales

Standing out in the rapidly growing world of eCommerce can be challenging. That’s why it is so important to get creative with digital coupons and promotion ideas. Old school ideas like putting coupons in newspapers may still work in some industries, but most need to expand to the online space to really grow. 

If you’re struggling to find the right promotion ideas to help your business thrive, consider these seven eCommerce promotion ideas to find the perfect way to promote your business today.

Add A Minigame To Your Landing Page

One great way to promote sales on your site is to set users up with a coupon right when they get to your page. When funneled in from an ad, an email link, or another source, you can set up your website so that users can spin a wheel or play a minigame to get a coupon.

This coupon will be easy for them to achieve, and they can use it right away. For those that might not buy without a coupon, this is a simple way to gamify their arrival on your page and secure another sale.

Digital Couponing Opportunities

Giving out digital coupons through ads, emails, and other locations is a great way to encourage people to see if your shop has anything that interests them. Not only can a great coupon make someone want to visit your store, but coupons can also secure sales from unsure patrons.

7 ecommerce promotion ideas

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Make sure that you submit your shop’s coupon codes on eCoupon marketplaces. Usually, buyers that don’t know if they want to commit to purchasing will look for a coupon. Often, whether or not they can find a coupon online will determine if they make the purchase or not. By making sure you have even some low-value coupons like 10% off coupons out there, you can increase sales.

Voucher Giveaways

Another great way to promote your shop that is commonly seen on social media platforms today is through a voucher giveaway. Rather than giving away specific items, you can give away a dollar amount voucher that the winners can use on anything that they want!

It is easy to set up this type of giveaway with tools available right now, and you can promote your shop simultaneously. Entrants can get more entries by following your various social media accounts, and that gives you exposure while also giving them a chance to win something great.

Try a Flash Sale

Flash sales are sales that last for a short amount of time but give a high-value discount to any customer that participates. By offering this type of sale up to four times a year, you can show your customers that you are willing to give a big discount but that it is not a common occurrence. This attitude will help secure more sales during the sale.

Time-bound sales like flash sales help to push customers to make decisions rapidly. Additionally, it keeps you from overselling a high discount that would cut too far into your profit margin if not limited.

Free Samples

Giving out free samples of new products or products that must be bought in bulk is an excellent way to show your customers the quality of your product. Though you will not make any type of profit directly on these samples, the ROI of giving out samples is usually great.

For example, imagine that you sell bulk office supplies. You can allow customers to get one sample of each type or size of envelopes you have as long as they pay to ship them. This free sample will allow them to see what your product is like in person before making a bulk order.

This type of promotion can secure high-dollar sales that you might otherwise miss out on.

2-for-1 Still Works

Even in the age of eCommerce, offering 2-for-1 deals still works for many businesses. As long as you have the margins for this type of deal to work out, you can set up this type of promotion. Customers are quick to identify how great this type of deal usually is, which can lead to a high amount of sales you might not complete otherwise.

Automate Abandon Cart Sales

Many shops with online stores don’t do anything to ensure that they make as many sales as possible through abandoned cart technology. Most eCommerce platforms have the functionality to email or contact customers that have left their carts with items in them without completing the sale.

Through this technology, you can do a promotion that sets people up with a discount if they complete their purchase. This type of discount can be great to send out a few days after the cart was abandoned as some people have forgotten what they were looking at.

Final thoughts

By implementing as many of these seven ideas as possible in your shop, you’re sure to increase sales on your eCommerce site from day one.

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