Stuck in a loop

Recently as I was working on a friend’s laptop (Toshiba Satellite) and was restoring back to the factory defaults and thought I was stuck in a loop, I wasn’t.

They system kept rebooting and saying, “Preparing your computer for first use”. Then it would boot into a Toshiba system customization in progress screen, this image:

This screen does not show you what is happening in the background, installing stuff and configuring. It seemed to be in a loop as there was no progress bar indicating what was being done. It wasn’t until I moved this screen away did I see different icons on the desktop.

Just let the configuration keep doing it’s thing, rebooting and it will be done. It took about maybe 15 restarts for mine to be done.

Hope this saves someone some time down the road.


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  1. I know this is a older post but I hope you get to see my comment.
    Thank You so much. I have been searching for this answer. I have looked in a huge amount of forums. I refurb electronics for under privileged children in the mountains of Appalachia. Nothing to fancy just things to help them out in school. I had gave up on a couple of Toshiba satellites because I thought they where stuck in a loop. I am untrained and have self taught using the web. Thanks to your answer I was able to not only fix the two I had previously tried. I had a box with a dozen more I never even attempted to repair.
    14 grade schoolers send you the warmest of THANK YOUs and
    now anytime I see this question I refer them to this page.

    • hi there. I’m so glad you and others have found this post helpful. Good for you for sending computers off to those children, they must be thrilled!
      This is by far, the most heart warming post I have ever received. Take care. Patrick

  2. Thank you so much Patrick. I just did a reset on my laptop and am totally freaked out because of the continuous looping! What a relief it is when I saw post.

  3. That was an really awesome post and i like that. Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts into the stuff you post!!

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