Snowfox Trackerphone

Meet the Snowfox tracker phone

Not every kid needs an iPhone

We came across this device in our news feed today and think this could be one new idea to keep track of our little ones without putting a distracting smartphone in their hands.


  • 3G voice calls and A-GPS locating: You can locate your children in real-time with Snowfox trackerphone, and also reach them by calling
  • Automatic notifications: Snowfox makes your daily life easier by notifying you of important events: get notified when your kids move in Places marked on the map, or when the trackerphone’s battery is running low
  • Own Places: You can extend Snowfox trackerphone’s battery life by marking favourite or restricted areas on the map. You can set Places where the trackerphone is in Silent mode
  • Extend your Snowfox Family: You can connect up to four Family Members to your Snowfox Family, and an unlimited amount of Snowfox trackerphones to the Family
  • Location history and Event timeline: Snowfox trackerphone lets you know your child’s location history on the map (latest 20 coordinates), and lists latest Events in the application timeline
  • Map views: Normal, Satellite and combined view
  • Simple pricing: Snowfox comes in a simple & clear pricing model, we support almost any kind of credit card
  • Ready out-of-the-box: Snowfox setup takes only few minutes: buy the device from your retailer, download the Snowfox application, register, scan the QR-code delivered in the sales package and start using Snowfox

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Snowfox instructions

Snowfox Promotional Video

I don’t think every young kid needs to have a smartphone on them. I understand the need for parents (being one) to be connected to their kids, but I believe (as I understand the company does as well) that we are doing more harm to our youngsters by putting these devices in front of their faces. Some, controlled screen time I think is okay, but I see many young people walking down the road without even lifting their heads up as they walk. This looks like the perfect combination of technology and safety as it relates to children.


It looks like initial cost for the device (only open in select countries at the moment) is 149 € with a 9,90 € a month service charge. Definitely cheaper than getting a low-end smart phone with the cheapest plan their is.

Would you buy a device like this instead of a smartphone for your child?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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