Does Google use Keywords?

Keywords in Websites I recently came across this video and thought it would be great information to share. I didn’t know that Google dismisses the keywords due to over/mis-use over the years. So does Google use Keywords in their search algorithms? The answer is no. Their advice, use a good Meta Description. 


How to Put an Android Phone Into Airplane Mode

Enable Flight Mode on Andriod, iPhone and BlackBerry There have been some recent changes to airlines policy for keeping your smartphones on. I couldn’t help but choosing the graphic with Alec Baldwin’s airline incident was some entertainment. Both on the issue itself and his skit on SNL was pretty funny. Transport Minister Lisa Raitt said air […]


EBAY password change

How to Change your EBAY Password Sometime in early May, EBAY discovered  a cyberattack on their corporate information network. They are advising everyone to change your password. Here’s how.   Changing your EBAY password Log into your Account You will see this message along the top of your page:

how to remove bing

How to remove BING

How to Remove Bing from Internet Explorer Under the Address Bar, click the down arrow beside the search icon The default search engine has a blue box surrounding it Simply click on Google to make it the default

How to take a screen shot

Taking Screenshots

How to take a Screenshot This document describes how to capture screenshots in Windows, iPhone/Mac, Android, BlackBerry. Capture your screen, or partial screen on the following devices:


Windows 7 vs Windows 8

Programs Use them the way you always have. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs you count on work the way you’re used to. Use a mouse and keyboard and organize your stuff in folders on the desktop.

Internet Explorer security bug

Internet Explorer security bug

The Issue You have probably heard about an exploit in Internet Explorer versions 6-11 (which is pretty much every current version) as reported by FireEye. The attack is targeting versions 9-11.

Comic Sans isn’t dead?

Graphic designer Craig Rozynski developed the new, funkier take on Comic Sans. He describes the new font as aspiring “to be the casual script choice for everyone including the typographically savvy”; it looks like someone told Comic Sans to straighten up and put on a tie. Meet Comic Neue-1.1

Show hidden files

Show hidden files   Here’s how to display hidden files and folders.

Free Images

Free Photos? Looking for those free, high-quality images for your project? Check out Morgue Files

Save a wet phone

Save a Wet Phone A great original article from Mat Greenfield at CNET Firstly, retrieve your handset from the drink right away. A prolonged plunge will increase the risk of damage. Resist the urge to check if it still works or press any buttons, since putting pressure on the keys could shift liquid farther into […]

Windows 7 Start in Safe Mode

Start your computer in safe mode Safe mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers. Startup programs don’t run in safe mode, and only the basic drivers needed to start Windows are installed. For more information, see What is safe mode?

Family Technician

Upgrade your family tech without becoming their help desk

Here is a great article from Fast Company written by Kevin Purdy: Upgrade Your Family And Coworkers’ Tech Without Becoming Their Help Desk | Fast Company At work, deep in a project, you try to make the moves that will create the fewest questions and hassles down the line. So why do so many […]

Securing your wireless router

Many of you probably already have it, but may not have it configured properly. If you have a wireless router at home you should password protect it. There are two types of passwords you can put on a wireless router: To secure any changes being made to the router To lock down from people using […]

How to Clear Browser Cache

Clearing your browser cache is simple and helps you perform better and keep you safer while online. Some tips from the sources: Google Chrome Deleting cache and other browser data You have full control over your browsing data. This data includes your browsing and download history, cache, cookies, passwords, and saved form data. Use the […]