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Top 4 Tips to Improve Domain Authority Score

The websites aren’t created without any plans. Behind a website’s creation, there are many objectives and investments of their owners. The objectives of web owners might vary, but there is one common aim found among them, which is to attract heavy traffic towards their site. One of the biggest problems that people face is immense competition, and they try to overcome it by injecting capital into their site’s marketing campaign.

Of course, marketing is one of the ways to increase your website’s traffic, but it isn’t as much fruitful as you desire. If you rely entirely on marketing, then it would be tough to cross even the breakeven line. Therefore, you need to implement changes that can bring organic traffic to your website. The only possible way to achieve organic growth is to implement SEO tactics on your site, which can take it to the top position in search engine result pages.

The search algorithms of Google involve many complexities; hence, you can use the domain authority score of your site and try to improve it. If you’re unaware of the domain authority score, then there is no need to panic. This score acts as a ranking predictor for each website, which means the higher your website’s DA score, the more it’s likely to rank high in search engines. In this post, I’ll explain some tips that can help you in improving the DA score of your website.

But before moving to that, you must know the current DA score of your site. You can use the Domain Authority Checker tool to determine where you’re standing currently so that you will have a vision in mind while improving it. Without wasting any further minute, let’s move on to the tips:

Create Content That’s Worth Sharing

You shouldn’t compromise on the content’s quality that you publish on your website. The content must be unique and of high-quality, which will create chances of attracting authoritative sites creating linkage with it. As a result, the number of backlinks pointing towards your site’s will be increased, and it is considered as an important signal by MozRank in determining your site’s DA score. The key aspects that should be covered in your content include:

  • Relevant to your brand
  • Well-structured and engaging
  • Informative
  • Free of any false claims

Abandon Keyword Stuffing

Including keywords that your targeted audience would enter into search engines will increase the chances of your site being shown up on the top of SERP. Hence, it’s essential to conduct keyword research of your industry or niche and try to cover them in your site’s content naturally.

One of the shortcuts used by web owners is overstuffing keywords, which is a bad habit as it can harm your site’s DA score. The main focus of Google is to present the best results to the users, but no one likes the keyword-stuffed text; therefore, there is no way of improving your site’s DA score without abandoning keyword stuffing.

Create Internal Linkage

Internal links are as crucial for a website as backlinks, but people usually ignore them. You should know that internal linking plays a vital role in improving the visitors’ user experience. For instance, if a visitor is drowned in the blog section of your site, there should be an internal link that can direct the user directly to the homepage. Creating an internal linkage will make the visitors feel connected with all the pages existing on your site, and eventually, it will improve the DA score.

Inspect Links and Remove Bad Ones

Your job isn’t finished after creating backlinks and internal links to your site. All links should be examined timely to ensure they are functioning properly. By inspecting links regularly, you’ll be able to remove the backlinks from unreliable sources before it starts damaging your site’s DA score. Besides, you should be assured about the links you’ve mentioned on your site are existing on the web or not. It might seem a task full of boredom, but these efforts can assist your website in achieving a good domain authority.


The tips mentioned above can’t be implemented with a magic wound. Therefore, it’s essential to stay patient for obtaining the best results i.e., improvement in domain authority score. The first step is to check your current domain authority and compare it with your competitors’ sites. After that, you can take steps to enhance it, which isn’t rocket science.

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