Samsung Galaxy won’t connect to data after Marshmallow update

Android Marshmallow Update

Google has launched it’s latest operating system out to carriers for download. Then your carrier (Telus, Bell, Rogers, AT&T etc) then push that out to your smartphone. Typically these updates have gone pretty smooth in my experience. Not this one!

This update caused major issues with my phone. I wasn’t able to connect to data (so off wi-fi), I couldn’t connect to the LTE network at all, I couldn’t make phone calls, I kept dropping off the Telus network and having to re-register. My battery was draining significantly, so my phone became useless unless I was connected to wi-fi.

I had to call a ticket into Telus and I performed all of the troubleshooting. I reset my phone to factor defaults. Didn’t help. Removed the SIM card, swapped it out with another one. Didn’t help. I cleared the partition cache from the boot menu (holding the Power button + volume up button + home button). Didn’t work. At one point, the phone wouldn’t boot up at all despite having a charge. For that, I had to hold the Power button + the volume down button.

After speaking with several technicians, one who had the same phone had the exact same issues.

Samsung Galaxy S6

See some of the community comments here:

Update May 26, 2016

I sent my phone in for repair as it was under warranty still and just got it back yesterday. They indicated they switched out the mainboard on the phone and did a software reset. It is still running Android 6.0.1 and everything is working. Tested phone, LTE etc, and all is good so far. So


Backup your phone before you update!

I’ve never had to backup my device as all previous updates have gone very smooth. With this experience, I’ll be backing up my device prior to doing any software updates from now on. In order to do so, I had to download Samsung Smartswitch on my laptop and my smartphone. Plugged in via USB and started the process. It’s very straightforward but definitely recommended before doing any updates.

See Samsung’s Smartswitch website for more. Also, download Smartswitch on Google Play.

What they figured happened is the update got corrupted and basically ruined the phone. Hence the replacing of the mainboard, so something was seriously wrong that resetting to factory defaults just wouldn’t fix.

If you come across this issue, hopefully you have a warranty for your device, but if not, this is what was needed to fix my issue.

Good luck!


Update: June 14, 2014

So I’ve been using my device for just over two weeks. I’m still having some connection issues over LTE and Wi-Fi. Some of my symptoms are:

  • Facebook doesn’t load the current feed even after refresh
  • Netflix shows a network error on wi-fi
  • Outlook says can’t connect to server on both LTE and wi-fi
  • Bluetooth disconnecting from my headphones
  • IFTT not firing in the background (even after giving permissions to all)

I’ve reinstalled my apps, cleared the cache but doesn’t seem to make a difference. I also got kicked off the Telus network this evening after getting home and connecting to wi-fi. I’ve opened a new ticket with Telus so we’ll see what happens there. They advised that after 2 repairs, if the problem is still happening and under warranty, they will replace the device. Sounds like Marshmallow is still the issue so I’m going to have to wait this out I’m afraid.

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