Maintenance Package – Unlimited

$149.00 / month

Who has time to keep your website up-to-date, secure and running smooth? Probably not you. Your probably also don’t have the time to change some photos, add or change some content, fix a link etc,. This is where we offer our monthly maintenance package to do that work for you, ensure your site is backed up. Giving you time to focus on your business.


Our monthly package includes the following

  • Updates to your WordPress themes
  • Updates to your WordPress plugins
  • Updates to WordPress
  • Monthly backups of your website
  • Changes to your images (add new, move or edit)
  • Changes to your sites content – unlimited hours per month. Best for sites that change their content often

Why keep your site up-to-date?

It’s important to keep your files up-to-date as not only will your site perform better, it will be more secure (as sometimes hackers take advantage of older files/themes/plugins etc). It is also just as important to know that your site has been backed up recently in the event of an issue or attack.

By keeping your site well maintained, updated and backed up means costing you less money in the long run if you need to restore or fix a problem later.

If you need less updates done on a regular basis, consider our $49.00 per month maintenance package (up to 4 hours per month)

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