eCommerce Solution for selling your stuff


Enable your website to sell your products or services through a modern, responsive shopping cart solution. Cost for integration does depend on number of products and the complexity of your selling model (i.e. different countries, taxes, shipping costs etc,.)


If you have an existing website and wish to sell products or services, we can help you integrate a shopping cart into your site. Have a simple solution so your customers can visit your site, create an account, or perform guest checkout, and order your products and services simply and efficiently.

Your site needs to be running on the WordPress back end and there may be an update required to your theme (depends on the compatibility and age of your existing theme).

Your website will need an SSL certificate installed (not included) by your website hosting company (typically around $99.00 per year – some include first year free when you buy a domain). This secures your customer’s data on your site and is a requirement for eCommerce.

For a site with less than 50 products, the price is $699.00.

Over 10 products will need consultation to determine complexity and scope. Contact us for further information.


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