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Microsoft Office 2016 What’s New

Introducing Office 2016

We just installed the new Microsoft Office 2016 today and so far, impressed. There are many similarities to Office 2013, but some of the subtle changes look good so far.

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Opening up Office

When you first launch one of the new 2016 applications, you are prompted to enter your email address you signed up for the download with, or enter the product key.

Activate Office 2016

I selected to enter the product key.

Office 2016 Product Key

Setup was complete after this.

If you want to change the colour scheme of Office, this is found the same way in the previous version.

Go to the File menu

Office 2016 Tools Menu

Select Options

Office 2016 Change Colours

You have the choice between the default, Colorful, Dark Grey or White. Dark grey is too dark grey, white is too white but (dare I say), Colorful is just right.

Random Office Tip

Scroll through the Ribbon – don’t bother clicking the menus, did you know that you can scroll through the ribbon? Just hover your mouse over and scroll with the wheel – time saver!


Some Office 2016 Features


Powerpoint 2016

Create seamless transitions between slides and bring motion to your presentations to more effectively convey concepts and information.

Learn more about using the Morph transition


Powerpoint 2016

Deliver customized and high-quality presentations and maximize the visual impact of its most important content. As you use it, Designer learns about your preferences and adapts its recommendations to be tailored to you.

Learn more about the PowerPoint Designer

Calendar Insights Template

Excel 2016

View your calendar as a dashboard and drill into the data get a better handle on how you spend your time and identify ways to get more out of your days.

Learn more about the Calendar Insights template

Financial Templates

Excel 2016

Take advantage of couple new templates to track what you earn, how much you spend, and where your spending occurs as well as quickly analyze and compare the performance of selected stocks over time.

Learn more about the My Cashflow template, and the Stock Analysis template

More Send As Options

Word 2016  Powerpoint 2016

Send a document either as an attachment or as a PDF without leaving the confines of your document from the Share pane.

Learn more about sharing documents in Word and presentations in PowerPoint

Insert Online Video

Onenote 2016

Liven up your notes by adding online videos and bringing interactivity to your content.

Learn more about inserting online videos


Check out more at Support Office

See what’s Tweeting about Office 2016

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Tell us what you think of the new Microsoft Office 2016 below

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