Nest Cam

Meet Nest Cam | Nest

Nest Cam

Meet Nest Cam. The latest in the Smart Home products launched from Google. Check out some of the features on this amazing home camera:

  • secure 1080p HD video streaming, advanced Night Vision
  • 130° wide­-angle view and can zoom
  • sends an alert to your phone if it sees something
  • advanced algorithms using depth sensing and face detection
  • integrated with other Nest products to work together

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So not only is this a very sweet piece of security hardware, this opens the door to all new activity on YouTube with the Nest channel where you now watch people’s homes and see what their pets are up to.

Google just got another step in the door of the home. Saving all this data in the cloud for you and your friends to scrub through for investigative or entertainment purposes.


Source: Meet Nest Cam | Nest

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