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Apple announces iOS 9, prepare your device for download

Apple Announces iOS 9

Today Apple announced the release of iOS9 as the next major iteration of the operating system. Which, apparently comes in a much smaller package, 1.3GB versus it’s predecessor of 4.58GB. So you don’t have to scramble and delete your camera roll.

Your device should be compatible if you were running iOS 8. You can confirm by going into SettingsGeneralAbout and look at the Version info.

iOS 9 is compatible with these devices

Compatible devices

Backup your device

Your device should be backing up nightly while it is charging, but it doesn’t hurt to perform a backup manually. Go to Settings – iCloud then scroll down until you find Backup. Select Backup and a button will appear, select that (make sure you are on Wi-Fi and your device is plugged in).  You can also use iTunes to perform a backup as well.

Updated Battery Life

REJOICE! Refinements bring better responsive performance. Apps and other technologies have been made more efficient to reduce battery usage wherever possible. They are claiming an extra 1 hour of extra battery life as a result of the new update.


The Notes app seems to be getting lots of chatter as it allows you to hand-draw on notes, add a photo or link to a map. Notes are, of course, saved on iCloud. Add Notes from whatever app you are in. Turn your lists into checklists.


A more intelligent search that searches your contacts, apps and more by default.

Move from Andriod to iOS

By downloading the Move to iOS app, you can wirelessly switch from your Andriod device to the iPhone (like that’s going to happen 😉 ) As it turns out, Android fanboys are lighting up the Play store with 1 star reviews. Check more of them out here (some funny stuff)

Move to Apple

Check out What’s New with iOS 9 on Apple

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