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This is a very cool application that I found recently which is a simple IF THEN statement called, IFTT. It’s like artificial intelligence to alert you on conditions that you determine in a very simple interface called recipes.

The recipes below is to send me an email if NASA posts an image of the day. As I’ve been following the Rosetta and the activity on the 67P comet, I want to see any fresh images they post. So this brilliant little piece of code will email me an image when they post it.

IFTTT Recipe: If Image of the day by NASA, then send me an email.  connects space to email

See the IFTT website

Some of the recipes that I’ve added were things like, “Put my phone on silent when I get to the office”, and; “Put my ringer back on when I leave the office”. Simple things that I do every day will now be done automatically. Yes it requires to have location turned on (which means battery drain), but I’m okay with that.

When we start integrating smart home technologies like Nest and Philips Hue connected bulbs, it can make commands like, “when I pull up in my garage, turn on the lights”. Brilliant!

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