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HP’s partnered with ExpressVPN and LastPass


Usually, when discussing new laptops, you’d focus on the new specs, upgrades, features, etc. And I’m sure many reviewers have discussed the new Spectre x360 13’s features, so I want to instead focus on something HP has been doing in the background of the new release: networking.

No, not Internet networking, but social networking with other companies. With the release of the new Spectre x360 13, HP has partnered with two cybersecurity companies: ExpressVPN and LastPass. You’re probably wondering why you should even care, and that’s why I’m dedicating a whole article to this.

Feel free to sit back and read about why this partnership is not only beneficial for HP and the two other companies, but for us users as well.

The Partnerships in Detail

As I mentioned, HP has partnered with ExpressVPN and LastPass for the launch of their new Spectre x360 13. These partnerships allow HP to bundle the laptop with the software of the previous two.

Both ExpressVPN and LastPass will come preinstalled on the new Spectre, keeping users from going through the trouble of installing both themselves because, let’s face it, many wouldn’t go through the trouble.

To encourage use of both the programs, HP will also give out free 30-day trials to users of the new Spectre. After all, what’s the use of these programs if you can’t at least take them for a test drive?

However, while most won’t take advantage of these deals, these partnerships showcase a bigger focus that tech companies are putting onto security.

After all, ExpressVPN announced that they’ll have more partnerships to announce within the next few months, which tells us that even more tech companies are focusing on security, and that brings me to my next point.

How These Partnerships Benefit the Tech Industry

HP’s new partnerships with ExpressVPN and LastPass enable companies like HP to chase better security as well. “How so?”, you may ask. Well, let me tell you.

See, security isn’t what typically sells a laptop. When selling a laptop, companies focus on performance, aesthetics, design: anything that potential buyers can see and/or feel. Security obviously doesn’t fall into sight or feeling.

However, Internet users are beginning to become aware of the numerous threats to their security and privacy the Internet brings, meaning cybersecurity tools such as a VPN or password manager are becoming more popular. In fact, VPN use has shown steady growth for the past decade.

Of course, they can still be considered somewhat of a “niche” in the tech industry, and–in my opinion–that’s a problem. These tools allow users to stay secure while on the move or at home, yet most don’t even know about their existence.

But if HP succeeds with these partnerships (which they will, it’s the Spectre), then other companies will feel motivated to partner with cybersecurity companies as well, bringing awareness to the people unaware of these tools. After all, laptop users need VPNs the most, as they’re usually using public networks populated with people they don’t know.


I know, security features on a new laptop are by far the least interesting thing I can talk about, but the most important things aren’t always the most interesting.

The two partnerships HP has curated will prove beneficial not only in the short-term but the long-term as well. Other tech companies will see the success of these partnerships and will (hopefully) follow suit, allowing cybersecurity solutions–such as VPNs and password managers–to grow in popularity and use.

If you’re at all interested in HP’s new Spectre 13 and the security benefits it brings, you can check it out on their website. Furthermore, if you want to get more details about the other upgrades they made, then be sure to read all about them in the press release. If you’re interested in security, then this may be the laptop for you.

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