Google Smart Watch

Google’s Smartwatches just got smarter

Update to Google Smartwatch

Today Google announced some very impressive updates to Andriod running the smartwatch.

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Now leave your Smartphone at home

Google’s Android watch uses a built-in Wi-Fi chip that has been laying dormant. It uses the passwords and logins from your phone and connects to a wireless network and communicates with your smartphone. A brilliant update if you don’t want to carry your smartphone with you but still receive notifications as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi. Pretty slick little hack!

Gesture Control

They have also enabled gesture control so you can flick your wrist up to scroll through your stream of alerts.

Always On

So the device will always stay on, but what it does is changes from a colour screen to monochrome so conserve power.

Emoji drawing

No update would be complete without the ability to draw your own emojis and send it to your BFFs. So cute.

As the features keep improving and the hardware, battery life and overall functionality of the watch improves, you’ll start to see more of these on people’s wrists. And you thought the smartphone distraction was annoying….wait for it!


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