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So remember when we talked about PetCube? Well it seems that parental guilt for leaving your pets at home has taken a whole new level. PetChatz is not only a two-way communication device between you and your beloved pet, it can dispense treats from the wall-mounted device. Never again does your pet need to be alone or go hungry. I’m not sure this will work for pets like birds or fish, but should prove successful for those pups and kittens that are longing your company.

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PetChatz is a new way to connect and interact with your pet.


Simply mount your PetChatz unit over any electrical outlet in your home and screw securely into a wall stud. When properly installed PetChatz is safe for your pets and cannot be easily damaged.


Connect your PetChatz to your home WiFi network. Log into PetChatz.com on your computer – or download the PetChatz app on your smartphone or tablet.

Connect your PetChatz to your home WiFi network.

Fill your PetChatz with snacks and sniffs your pet loves. PetChatz Treatz® are low calorie, nutrient dense and all-natural, and PetChatz Scentz® pads can be infused with our specially formulated Calming scent.


Check in with your pet from anywhere, anytime. A special ringtone tells your pet you’re calling. Say hello and share your smile through PetChatz’ color screen. Dispense snacks and scents. Record and share videos.

Only $379.00 for the one device. An additional $99.00 for the pet call (so they can call you 😐 ) and a 3 month supply of treats is only $33.99. Isn’t little Sparky worth it?

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