Google Chromebook

Buy a Chromebook and get 1TB of Cloud storage

Google Chromebook

Google is giving away 1 TB of storage for two years with every purchase of a Chromebook. Basically the same price as the Chromebook itself. I haven’t used the Chromebook yet, if I was to go that route, it would probably end up as an extension of my smartphone (currently Galaxy S3). The keyboard and mouse are sometimes just easier to get around, type, navigate etc. Personally I need something that can run 64 bit applications for photography, designing and video editing. Starting at $250.00 the Chromebook is a good competitor to some of the other tablets and laptops.

And now, as a bonus for the holiday season, new Chromebook buyers can get 1TB of Google Drive storage for two years — almost $240 in value.

Google Drive Blog mentions the holiday special in their postPricing is $99.00 per year for 1TB, so two years plus tax ~ $240.00.

See Google’s full list of Drive Cloud Storage rates | Find out where to purchase the Chromebook | Check out link from PC Mag

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Cloud Storage

It only a matter of time before cloud storage takes over local hard-drive storage. The problem today is that our infrastructure is too slow to effectively backup all/most of our data to the cloud. Once we start seeing higher speeds, such as in Google’s Fiberhood project, then cloud will become more relevant as saving data to the cloud will be as fast, if not faster than writing to your local machines hard-drive. We will then start to see more devices in our homes become obsolete. This is, once we have security in place that we absolutely trust.

Do you use any cloud storage today?

Check out Google’s Fiber test – race your current internet speed with what fiber will be:

Click here and scroll down till you see Begin Race

Google Fiber


Check out my results:

Google Fiber

What’s being Tweeted about Chromebook:

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