Amazon's Echo

Amazon’s Echo Voice Activated Device

Introducing the Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a voice command device from Amazon with functions including question answering and playing music. The device consists of a 9-inch (23 cm) tall cylinder speaker with a seven microphone sensor array, speakers that include a woofer/tweeter and a remote control. 

What’s Tweeting about the Echo

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So first glance at this device looks pretty cool. It’s basically SIRI unleashed. It can answer a lot of the basic questions that we seem to use our multiple devices for on a daily basis. Which, getting technology can be a good thing when it works for you and not against you.

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So if Amazon can get past the creep factor with this device and see it go mainstream, you can bet you’ll see other similar devices that aren’t necessarily tied to your smartphone or iPad/laptop to do the searching for you. I would need to hear the sound coming from it, as if this was good enough, why would you buy Bluetooth speakers any more….they’re just not smart enough.

The always on could put some paranoid types off regarding eavesdropping or spying. So this also goes without saying, but sometimes you need to say it, ALWAYS change the default user name and password when you plug a device into your network. Your router should already have the log in, wireless passwords changed, right?!

Would you buy one of these for your house or someone else’s? At $199.00 I wouldn’t be jumping at it.

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